We give you 10 Reasons to Marry in Autumn and why it is such a popular choice! One of the first things that come to mind when planning your wedding is setting the date. Rather than thinking about a date, start with a season. Then plan your date around that season.

April and May have moderate temperatures. Not quite as cold as winter although the evenings can become a little chilly! This means you may need to include heaters and blankets in your budget…
Each season has a reason and there are pros and cons to all of them.

In this blog, we focus on Autumn – a season that may not be an obvious choice. However, it is a widely favoured choice, and for obvious reasons. Here we look at why.

10 Reasons to Marry in Autumn

1. The chances of it raining are less (especially when compared to summer). April and May consist of mostly clear blue skies, and now and again temperatures reach 28 degrees Celsius.
2. Less heat and humidity mean frizz-free hair. Some will identify with this and what a curse the humidity can be!
3. In addition to the last point, and equally important is that your make-up will not melt off your face.
4. Autumn colours provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos. Leaves on trees start changing colour and some trees bare, the scenery sets a rather dreamy and romantic tone.
5. Themed weddings planned around Autumn include a Rustic Country Theme, an Outdoor Garden Theme, Romantic Golden Theme.
6. Imagine a bouquet of burnt orange, hues of golden yellow, perhaps some rich red, and even a little greenery. The colour combinations are endless…
7. Planning an outdoor wedding under an old Oak Tree, with natural confetti-like leaves or dried rose petals. This makes for an amazing eco-friendly not to mention a cheaper alternative to conventional confetti.
8. Make provision for cooler evenings set around a cosy fireplace with sherry to toast the bride and groom. Let the fireplace set the mood of your wedding décor.
9. Photographers love the Autumn light that adds a gold and warming burst of colour. They can capture some of the fiery colours that take over nature this time of year.
10. Wedding gown chic provides you with so many more options, especially if you prefer a full and flowing gown. And don’t forget the suggested dress code and colour for your guests – the choice is endless!

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