I could think of many reasons to escape to the Drakensberg but there is one that particularly stands out for me – getting down and dirty on the off-roads of the Cathkin Valley Trails.

What more could you honestly ask for? Stunning mountain scenery, beautiful weather year-round and lots of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Cathkin Trails has over 30km of marked trails for mountain biking enthusiasts and trail runners with the Nest Hotel being one of the starting points.

There are 30km of trails running through forests and over rivers, up and down mountain passes and along district roads. The landscape can be quite challenging in parts but there is something for everyone. The routes are well marked with signage that has been standardised to comply with the International Mountain Biking Association grading system. There are a further 10km of trails built and ready to be marked with another 20km earmarked as a future addition to the trails.

Adventure enthusiasts see considerably more of this beautiful countryside than most other visitors, seeking the off beaten tracks for the thrill of a ride in wide open spaces. A wise man once said, ‘Exercise is the most potent and underutilized antidepressant and it’s free!’

Come and see for yourself, explore our world and discover the adventure that awaits.

Read more about the trails : https://cathkintrails.co.za/
Make a booking at The Nest Hotel: https://thenest.co.za/