This year, The Nest Hotel proudly hosted the exhilarating 2024 Morris Minor Rally, an event marked by camaraderie, classic cars, and the stunning backdrop of the Drakensberg Mountains. The Morris Minor Owners Club of Durban organized this memorable gathering, filled with activities that blended the charm of vintage cars with the spirit of community.


The Rally Experience

The festivities kicked off on a sunny Sunday, with participants arriving from various regions, including the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, and as far away as Bloemfontein. The hotel buzzed with excitement as old friends reunited and new friendships formed, all sharing a common passion for the iconic Morris Minor.

The event schedule was meticulously planned, starting with the arrival and distribution of goodie bags packed with surprises, meticulously arranged by club members Stewart, Rose S., and Kristin. The evening continued with a supper and games, setting a light-hearted tone for the days to follow.


Days Filled with Fun and Competition

Monday allowed participants to explore local attractions or polish their cars for the Concours d’Elegance. A highlight was the Rocker Racing event, a playful competition where Morris Minors raced down a track, much to the delight of spectators.

Tuesday was dedicated to driving skills and the “Amazing not a race” event, where participants navigated through challenges and puzzles across picturesque routes, ending with a scenic stop at the Spionkop Lodge.

Wednesday wrapped up the competitive events with more driving tests and a visit to the Eskom Hydro Electric Plant. The day concluded with a thematic British Red and Blue evening, featuring dancing and merry-making, where participants donned outfits matching their vintage cars.


A Heartfelt Conclusion

The rally concluded on a high note with a farewell breakfast, where attendees exchanged stories and said their goodbyes, promising to return for future gatherings. The event not only celebrated the legacy of Morris Minors but also the spirit of its enthusiasts.


The Perfect Venue

The Nest Hotel proved to be an ideal venue for this event, providing not just the facilities but also the ambiance fitting for such a classic affair. With its comfortable accommodations and excellent service, the hotel enhanced the overall experience, making it a preferred destination for both the rally participants and organizers.

As we look back at the Morris Minor Rally of 2024, we are reminded of the joy that classic cars bring and the bonds they help forge among people. The Nest Hotel is honored to have been part of this wonderful event and looks forward to many more gatherings that celebrate heritage and community.


This post reflects the incredible experience at The Nest Hotel during the Morris Minor Rally, encapsulating the essence of vintage charm and communal joy.