We like doing things differently at the Nest Hotel and here is a great example. We call it bowled over by baby showers…

Who would have thought combining a baby showing with a bowling green? In fact, we didn’t until we were approached by a young couple from our community to host a baby shower.

Talk about an unconventional baby shower! Yes, there are typically games, but this one deviated from the norm. Friends and family joined in the celebration with a fun game of bowls here at The Nest Hotel. Yummy food, subtle decorations with balloons and flowers, gifts and not to forget gorgeous sunshine, made for a perfect day.

The Nest Hotel has three championship bowling greens and hosts tournaments throughout the year. In fact, bowls is synonymous with The Nest and when you mention The Nest Hotel the first thing that comes to mind is bowling.

Bowls is a sport that is growing in popularity. In fact, it is a sport that anyone can play! Thankfully, it is a low-impact sport that can boost fitness levels and at the same time challenge the mind. Bowls is fun, fast-paced, and most of all social. No matter how young or old you are, anyone can play.

If you are planning an event and looking for something fun and something different, please get in touch with us. Perhaps you too can be bowled over by a baby shower with a fun game of bowls and cheerful banter.

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