The bridge has been built, and now you can get over it! This is the bridge connecting the Nest Hotel to Cathkin Trails, with more than 30km of marked trails. Trails for mountain biking enthusiasts and trail runners alike.

I am sure many recall the devastating floods from the phenomenal rainfall received earlier this year. The excessive rainfall caused wash away and extensive damage but fortunately many of the bridges were retrieved. It has taken months of hard work and a huge thanks goes to those involved to see through the repair of Cathkin Trails. However, the project is not complete and we invite you to join us at The Nest Hotel this Friday, 30 September.

Cathkin Park Community Projects hosts a monthly event in order to raise funds for the Cathkin Trails. On the last Friday of every month, a social run / walk takes place at 17h00 from The Nest Hotel. Please come and participate, join in the fun and contribute to a worthy cause.

There are a number of bridges that form part of the Cathkin Trails, that run through forests and over rivers. The trails go up and down mountain passes and along district roads. Many mountain biking enthusiasts and trail runners seek the off beaten track and wide-open spaces. The Nest Hotel is one of the starting points and now that bridge has been built, we can finally say with great enthusiasm, ‘get over it’!

Here is a reminder of the details:

Cathkin Park Community Projects @ The Nest Hotel
30 September 2022, starting at 17h00

There are many reasons to escape to the Drakensberg. One of the most popular reasons is to come and enjoy the stunning mountain scenery. Come and see for yourself, explore our world and discover the adventure that awaits!