To all our mountain biking enthusiasts and trail runners, Cathkin Trails is currently closed!

The Drakensberg has received phenomenal rainfall over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, there is damage to some of the bridges with some being washed away. The community have been instrumental in retrieving some of the bridges and a huge thanks goes out to them for their support!

It could be some time before the repairs are completed and we will keep you in the know. With summer comes the rains, and with excessive rains comes damage and wash aways. Fortunately, the bridges have been retrieved and once the water strength and levels subside.

Cathkin Trails has over 30km of marked trails for mountain biking enthusiasts and trail runners with the Nest Hotel being one of the starting points. There are 30km of trails running through forests and over rivers, up and down mountain passes and along district roads. The landscape can be quite challenging in parts but there is something for everyone.

Once the repairs have been done, we will let you know. I am sure you don’t need much convincing to let the city lights disappear in the rear-view mirror, Drakensberg bound. When the time is right, come and join us at The Nest Hotel for a scenic adventure through stunning mountain scenery.

Read more about Cathkin Trails at https://cathkintrails.co.za/

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