We recently celebrated a beautiful Christmas here in the Drakensberg Mountains and look forward to sharing an equally beautiful New Year with our valued guests. Fortunately, with travel still permitted, we are delighted to say that we remain open for business. Even if it means adjusting to the latest restrictions.

In the spirit of sharing, we surprised our guests with a room drop on Christmas. We wanted to share a delightful product that we came across with Martins Berg Oil. Eucalyptus Oil steam distilled with pure water sourced from our high mountain stream and freshly selected Drakensberg mountain Eucalyptus leaves. It is 100% natural with no chemicals added. To find out more about Martins Berg Oil and the multitude of benefits, please check out their website https://www.bergoils.co.za/

If there is one thing we have come to realise, it is that we are incredibly blessed living in the Drakensberg. And there is nothing we love more than sharing our special home with you.

This brings to mind a popular saying, “The Mountains are calling, and I must go”.  So, if you have heeded the call and heading our way soon, please travel safely and take cognisance of the COVID-19 safety protocols.

We look forward to seeing you soon!