If you’re considering hosting a conference in the Drakensberg, The Nest Hotel is the perfect venue for you. Not only does it offer great rates, comfortable accommodation, and delicious meals, but it also has a modern double volume conference centre that can accommodate up to 100 people.


In the past, conferencing was a popular way for companies to gather their employees in one location to reflect on corporate strategies, future goals, and team building activities. However, the pandemic has changed the way we work, meet, and communicate. Gatherings have become a thing of the past, and online media has taken a huge leap forward. But is conferencing a thing of the past? Many corporates have realized how much money they can save by changing the way they operate. Home offices and online meetings have become the norm. However, human connection and team interaction are still important. Connecting across a screen seems to take away that personal connection, and people are easily distracted by their surroundings.


At The Nest Hotel, we believe there is still value in conferencing, and we have seen a steady increase in group bookings. There is a need for personal interaction and a quiet space away from the busyness of corporate life. A place that motivates and inspires new ideas, a place where challenges and strategies can be brought to the table. For some, a place that offers team building through various exercises and events which you can read more about HERE


The Drakensberg is a beautiful location for your next conference, with wide open spaces surrounded by stunning scenery and the Champagne Mountains as your backdrop. There is simply no better reason to host your next conference in the Central Drakensberg. Get in touch with us to chat about your requirements! For more information, visit our website at https://thenest.co.za/conferences and stay up to date with news and specials on Facebook and Instagram.