Some days it does feel like winter has come early! Last week we saw the first Autumn snowfall on the Drakensberg range this year. And while it was just a sprinkling of snow, the temperatures plummeted considerably.

Winter only sets in towards the end of June, so we have some time to go still. Time to enjoy the Autumn colours that have transformed the landscape of the Champagne Valley. With daytime temperatures currently reaching an average of 27 degrees Celsius. Not to mention the beautiful blue skies and crisp clear air that is a photographer’s delight.

Winter Warmth

With Winter fast approaching, the joys of wrapping up in a scarf and wearing my favourite boots come to mind. I begin to ponder about the impending chilly nights, wrapped up warm huddled around a cosy log fire. My next thought is to dig out the glühwein recipe, a firm favourite that always goes down well in the winter months.

To be honest, I like the cold weather and feel like more gets done. There is a bustle of activity with people exploring the country roads and scenic mountain passes. Let there be snowfall and suddenly there is a rush of visitors to the Drakensberg. It brings out that inner child that wants to go and play – throw snowballs and build a snowman.

Chilly Winter days mean more coffee and there are a host of places in the Champagne Valley that will delight you with their brews. Not to mention decadent cakes and pastries, or chocolate fondues to tempt you even more!

Come and experience winter in the Drakensberg Mountains! Pack your scarves, gloves, beanies, and plenty of warm clothes. Leave the rest up to us – we have so much for you to discover and explore. We have fabulous Autumn and Winter Specials to take advantage of.

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*Photo Credit : Michael Braithwaite