Spring is a season of new beginnings, a fresh start. What a wonderful time to head for the mountains for a reset!

Breathe deeply, inhaling the fresh mountain air. Allow it to bring new life to your sedentary winter body.

Feel the earth’s energy as new life springs from the soil and the landscape moves into shades of green and all the colours of the rainbow as the flowers emerge.

Hear the excited chatter of the birds welcoming each new day and the opportunity to nest and raise their young.

The sun rises ever earlier to make the most of this new season of growth

Sense the tension as we await our first rains…to clean winter’s dust away and bring a new vibrance to the landscape


How about a Spring Bucket list?

  1. Take a road trip
  2. Go for a hike in the mountains
  3. Go on a nature walk beside a stream
  4. Walk barefoot in the stream or wherever possible
  5. Go bird watching
  6. Take pictures of Wild Flowers
  7. Watch a sunrise
  8. Watch a sunset
  9. Have a picnic near a waterfall
  10. Pick berries (check that they are edible)
  11. Ride a bike on the Cathkin Trail
  12. Go for a run on the Cathkin Trail
  13. Go fishing
  14. Go for a swim
  15. Look at the stars at night
  16. Dance in the rain
  17. Go puddle jumping
  18. Skip rocks
  19. Plant flowers
  20. Plant a vegetable garden
  21. Make a bird feeder
  22. Make a butterfly feeder
  23. Have a braai and enjoy the outdoors
  24. Read a new book
  25. Try a new cocktail
  26. Dress up in bright colours