The Nest Bowling Club hosted the SASKO Skins Bowls Tournament towards the end of February. Prizes to the value of about R72 000 were up for grabs and this attracted many of the better bowlers from districts in KwaZulu Natal and neighbouring provinces.

Theuns Frazer, well known South African bowler and president of The Nest Bowling Club put together the three-day tournament. Among the prominent bowlers were Bradley Lazar and Graham Schouten from Port Natal Bowls, and John Douthwaite and Jimmy Nel from KZN Country Bowls.

Twenty-two teams took part in the tournament over three days. Despite some inclement weather all matches were played. Prize money was paid out for each set of eight ends won by a team, as well as a prize for winning the overall game. This meant that each team that entered had the opportunity to walk off with prize-money.

The overall winners won additional prizes, and these teams are shown below.

Thank you to Jaco from SASKO for the sponsorship, supplying the public address system and for providing music during the days’ play. Thank you also to the team from SASKO who worked hard in the background to supply banners and gazebos.

Credit: Written by Bruce Tobias