Did you know?

  •  10% of the land area of South Africa provides 50% of our surface water
  • They support:
  • 50% of our population
  • 64% of our economy
  • 70% of our irrigated agriculture

These areas are vital to food, water, economic and energy security.

The Drakensberg is the main watershed of South Africa The Caledon, Orange, Thukela, Vaal and Senqu rivers flow from the Northern Drakensberg water source area.

It supplies water to Gauteng, the Free State, parts of the North-West province and parts of KwaZulu-Natal. Water production is the main reason for the conservation of the Ezemvelo Monks Cowl park, with the Maloti Drakensberg Park being the primary catchment area for the production of South Africa’s water.


At Monk’s Cowl we have 3 beautiful waterfalls that visitors can enjoy; the Sterkspruit Falls (please view from a safe distance), Nandi’s Falls, which is situated in a beautiful forest patch and Crystal Falls, along the hike up the Sphinx, where you are rewarded with excellent views of the big peaks and the valley stretching out below.

There are also some cool pools upstream from the Sterkspruit Falls to swim in and cool off in on hot days. Visit Monks Cowl for free on Friday 29 September, click HERE for more info