The Nest Hotel enjoyed a starry night as they were visited again by Dr Derek Fish, Director of the Unizulu Science Centre on Fri 12th January. Sadly the weather didn’t cooperate and Dr Fish had to show the stars virtually on a screen in the hotel bar! He made use of free planetarium software: “Stellarium” (get it at: https://stellarium.org/ ) to conduct a virtual tour of the universe. Nevertheless a large group of enthusiastic amateur astronomers enjoyed his presentation and peppered him with intriguing questions about astronomy, asteroids and aliens. It appeared that age is no predictor of curiosity levels as young and old alike wanted to know more about space and the stars.

The Nest also continued its collaboration with nearby Meadow Sweet High School. Dr Fish met science teacher, Simanje Shabalala, at the hotel to hand over a donation of physics and biology books and videos for the school. The school is looking forward to new buildings and facilities, including a new science lab, which the department is busy constructing.