While there are some things we can control, at times there are situations out of our control. I think it is fair to say we are all familiar with load shedding and power cuts and the havoc it causes. At the Nest Hotel, we are taking the plunge and stepping things up with some solar.

This is a project that we incredibly excited about and are hoping to have it complete during the course of this week. We are so grateful to the team at MOWZA! They are installing the solar and there has been lots of activity around the main area this past week as the panels started going up.

Initially the first stage is to power the office and to essentially cover the systems in the office and keep the WIFI on. Furthermore, this project will ensure that we have lighting in the main area. This includes kitchen lights, verandah, dining and bar area lights. We are hoping that this little project will help save our equipment that is being wrecked with all the surges and enable some continuity in our operations.

Investing in solar is an expensive exercise and to power the whole hotel runs into millions and millions of rands. While we would love to do this, it will only be feasible over quite an extended period of time, however we knew we had to start somewhere. In South Africa we have abundant resources to tap into, and with our glorious sunshine we need to make use of what we can.

We are thrilled to share our excitement with our guests and hope that keeping the lights on will make your stay a more pleasant one!

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