A weekend of astronomical wonders discovering the Drakensberg night skies. With Dr. Derek Fish to guide you around our beautiful, dark, autumn skies. He is here to answer all your questions as you gaze up to the starry skies. Watch the most beautiful painting unfold before your eyes…

Dr. Derek Fish, Director of Unizulu Science Centre in Richards Bay, presents popular science and astronomy talks around the world. A passion he has shared with many over the past 30 years. Most of these have been to children, so adults need not fear being unable to keep up!

Derek is passionate about science and space and enjoys sharing this passion with others. Especially when the awesome autumn skies of the dramatic Drakensberg unfold at night.

The Drakensberg Night Skies put on a spectacular spectacle night after night. With cloudless, dry air at altitude and free from the smog and light pollution of the cities.

And what better way to enjoy the night skies than with an expert to guide you through its wonders! Enjoy the home-spun hospitality of The Nest Hotel, with cosy fires and blankets to keep you warm. Not to mention a glass of our popular Glühwein to warm the soul too.

Take advantage of The Nest Hotel Autumn special and experience the beautiful Drakensberg night skies. For regular updates follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page. We hope to see you soon!