Nestled in a serene location, The Nest Hotel stands not only as a beacon of hospitality but also as a committed guardian of the environment. In a commendable partnership with local environmentalist Mark Roberton and Mike Frost from the Cathkin Conservancy. The Nest Hotel has taken a proactive stance in the location and eradication of a pervasive and destructive invader, the POMPOM Weed, scientifically known as Campuloclinium macrocephalum.


The Pernicious POMPOM Weed

The POMPOM Weed, a seemingly innocent name for a plant that poses a significant threat to local ecosystems. Originating from South America, this invasive species has found a foothold in various regions, disrupting native flora and fauna. It’s easily identified by its lush, green foliage and striking, fluffy, pink flowers that resemble cheerleader pompoms. However, beneath its charming exterior lies an aggressive colonizer that spreads rapidly, outcompeting native plants and altering habitats.


A United Front Against the Weed

The Nest Hotel, in collaboration with Mark Roberton and Mike Frost, has embarked on an educational and action-oriented campaign to combat the spread of the POMPOM Weed. Guests of the hotel, many of whom enjoy the natural beauty of the area through walks and hikes, are encouraged to play a part in this environmental conservation effort.


What to Do If You Encounter the POMPOM Weed

  • Dead Head and Bag the Flowers: If you come across the POMPOM Weed while exploring the Nest property, notify Shelley Longmore of their whereabouts. You might .carefully remove the flower heads to prevent seed spread and seal them in a bag.
  • Proper Disposal: Given the weed’s resilience and love for fire and composting, conventional disposal methods can exacerbate the problem
  • Avoid Pulling Out the Plant: Pulling the weed from the ground can lead to further spreading. It’s vital to cut and poison the plant instead of attempting to remove it physically.


The Nest Hotel’s initiative, supported by the dedication of Mark Roberton and Mike Frost, exemplifies how businesses and communities can come together to tackle environmental challenges. By educating guests and providing them with actionable steps to control the spread of the POMPOM Weed, The Nest Hotel is not just a place of relaxation but a platform for positive environmental impact. Together, we can protect and preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us for future generations.