Did you manage to see the ‘star of Bethlehem’ last night? I must admit that our hopes were high, but the clouds had other ideas in mind and decided to gate crash our plans!

The summer solstice, also known at the longest day of the year coincided with the great conjunction of our two biggest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, putting on a celestial show which is dubbed the ‘Christmas Star’.
What made it so special is that it has been nearly 800 years since the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn occurred at night and this was to be the first time they would be lining up in the month of December. Although this astrological event happens every 20 years, we don’t always get a good view from Earth and the next time we are likely to see anything like this again is 2080.

Still, there is reason to celebrate, even if it meant missing ‘the show’ taking place behind the clouds. Celebrations are about bringing people together and giving some attention to the good things in life. We took the opportunity to sit back and take in the majesty of the Drakensberg Mountains, a moment to pause and be mindful; to reflect on all our richest blessings.

We look forward to celebrating the Festive Season with you at The Nest Hotel, to savouring the good times and toasting to new beginnings.