At The Nest Hotel we value guest feedback and after every stay, our guests are encouraged to give us a review with their honest feedback regarding their stay at The Nest Hotel. Every so often we receive as review that simply “knocks our socks off” and Stephen Penniall left one such review on 23 October, and we thought that we just needed to share this with you :


“I recently had the pleasure of staying at The Nest Hotel in the breathtaking Drakensberg, and it was truly a remarkable experience. The Nest Hotel combines natural beauty with exceptional hospitality, creating an unforgettable getaway.

Let’s start with the culinary delights – the 3-course meals were nothing short of exquisite. The chefs at The Nest Hotel certainly know their craft, and each dish was a work of art on a plate. The hotel’s patio, with its awe-inspiring views of the majestic Drakensberg mountains, was an absolute highlight, providing the perfect backdrop for savouring meals and drinks.

The amenities at The Nest Hotel catered to a wide range of interests, including a pool for a refreshing dip, a professional billiard room, and pool tables for leisure and entertainment. The addition of table tennis tables added another layer of fun and activity for guests to enjoy.

Families with children will be delighted by the abundance of activities available, including the best bowling greens in KwaZulu-Natal. Additionally, hiking activities in the stunning surroundings offer adventure and exploration.

The quality of service at The Nest Hotel is second to none. The waitstaff and room cleaning services were impeccable, ensuring that every need was met promptly and with a smile. The entire staff, from reception to the restaurant, was warm, welcoming, and professional.

One unique and heartwarming aspect of The Nest Hotel is the personal touch of the owners. They make it a point to greet every guest each day, creating a warm and family-like atmosphere that sets this hotel apart from the rest.

Last but not least, the hotel’s 90-year-old garden is an enchanting wonderland, meticulously maintained and adding to the charm of this place. In conclusion, The Nest Hotel in the Drakensberg offers an extraordinary blend of fine dining, stunning natural surroundings, and exceptional service. It’s a gem where guests of all ages can find activities to enjoy, from table tennis and pool to hiking and bowling. The personal touch of the owners and the timeless garden add an extra layer of magic to the experience. I can’t recommend this hotel highly enough for a truly unforgettable stay in the Drakensberg.”


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