There is no doubt that the Drakensberg is special. But what makes it so special and what do you need to know about the Drakensberg? For starters, it is one of the most magnificent mountainous wilderness areas in Africa. Famous for popular hiking routes that draw thousands of adventurous souls every year and trails suitable for families too. The Drakensberg is home to towering cliffs, magnificent waterfalls and ancient rock sites. Additionally, it is an impressive year-round destination with enough adventure activities to keep the whole family entertained.

Some interesting facts you need to know about the Drakensberg

  • The uKhahlamba Drakensberg first declared a World Heritage Site in 2000. What makes it so special is that it met the World Heritage criteria for both cultural and natural World Heritage properties.
  • Ancient Rock paintings with over 35 000 images in some 600 cave and overhangs sites.
  • It incorporates the huge Drakensberg Mountain range known as uKhahlamba in Zulu. This translates to ‘barrier of spears’ which accounts for the rugged mountain peaks.
  • Monks Cowl is the gateway to the most breath-taking landscape ideal for day walks, hiking and camping.
  • Home to the highest waterfall in the world, The Tugela Falls, located in the Northern Drakensberg.
  • The Drakensberg is one of the adventure capitals of Southern Africa with an abundant number of activities on offer.
  • Year-round destination and depends on your interest’s come sunshine, rain or snow.

What You Need to Know About the Drakensberg Seasons

  1. Summer runs from December to February. Typically, with afternoon showers and some rainy days but don’t forget to pack your sunscreen.
  2. Autumn runs from March to May. Autumn colours are warm and vibrant with sunny days and cool evenings.
  3. Winter is generally snow time, but don’t be fooled as we have experienced snow in nearly every month of the year! Winter runs from June through to August and while the days are crisp and fresh, evenings are very chilly.
  4. Spring is one of our favourite seasons, running from September to November. It is a time of rebirth and beautiful wild flowers. The rains start coming and the dust starts to settle.


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Whatever your reason or the season, add a visit to the Drakensberg in 2023. We have regular events and upcoming events that may need to be booked in advance. Some activities require advance planning due to popularity, and you don’t want to be disappointed.

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