Expected rainfall & sunshine in the Drakensberg

Our rain gauge overflowed yesterday at 100ml after receiving 50ml the day before. The river came roaring down with the water levels rising so much it flooded the pumphouse causing substantial damage. Today we really have our day set out for us, keeping staff busy with repairs!

Looking at the weather forecast for the next couple of days, we can expect to see some sunshine tomorrow and for part of the day on Saturday but anticipate some afternoon thunderstorms. These thunderstorms are synonymous with summer weather in the Drakensberg and often quite a sight to see.

Our view is that rain is an absolute blessing, and we would choose this any day over a drought. It makes me think of the drought stricken dying citrus industry in the Eastern Cape. An ongoing drought that started in 2015 and is said to be one of the worst droughts in history.

So, if you are visiting us this Valentine’s weekend, please expect some rain as well as the sight of our river at full capacity. It brings to mind a very romantic scene from Out of Africa; with a very young Robert Redford washing Meryl’s hair with a bucket by the river ..quite timeous with Valentine’s just around the corner!

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